Life Groups

The ABC’s of Life Groups
L oving others
ntimacy with God
F ellowship with believers
E quipping students
How do Life Groups work?
There’s about 20 mins of worship, then a large group teaching followed by smaller Life Groups.
What’s Group Link?
Occasionally we will provide a Wednesday night for youth to connect with your group (no worship or lesson). Some have gone out to eat, bowling, fishing, etc. Sometimes Group Link is available for missions projects.

Ways to Connect

Worship Services

Whether it’s Sunday Morning, Wednesday Evening, or online services, Worship is where we become oriented to live our calling.

Small Groups

Community builds when you spend time together.  Our small groups create foundations for relationships as well as spiritual growth.


“Faith without works is dead.” There are plenty of ways for you to live out your faith at Dudley Baptist both locally as well as globally.