Student Ministry News
1. Prayer Breakfast- Tomorrow at 7am at McDonald’s on I-16
2. The Journey – (Wednesday @ 6:50pm)- We will begin a new series entitled “It’s Personal.”- Also, we will have a “cookie cake” to honor Victoria Wood & Kinsey Clark in their upcoming move to Savannah. 
3. The Gospel Project: (Sunday at 10:00am) “The Church is Sent to the World”
4. Golf Tournament Fundraiser: I have sent a digital copy of the packet. Students can sell signs to various businesses/individuals to earn money for future trips (camp, mission trips, ski retreat, etc). This money goes directly into their personal account. Although we need teams for the tournament (May 1st @ 1:30pm at Riverview), money is not made from teams but from selling signs. Once receiving the packet, let me know if you have any questions! Sign money is due April 21st.
5. River of Life (July 11-14): This is a mission retreat that takes place in Dublin. We will be staying at Pine Forest Methodist Church. Ministry (construction, roofing, landscaping, etc.) will take place during the day with worship at night. Meals are included. The cost for this is $150. The deadline to sign-up is April 14th.
Summer Calendar:
May 26                 Centrifuge Parent/Participant Meeting
June 13-19           Dominican Mission Trip
June 23                Broad River Kayaking
June 28- July 2    Centrifuge
July 11-14            River of Life Mission Retreat
July 15-17            Graduate Lake Trip
July 21-23            Whitewater Rafting
August 4               Pool Party