Family Devotions

Sailing the Seven C’s – Monday, March 30

The “C” of Creation What’s in the Bag?

You will need A small mirror A small bag or paper sack (If you don’t have these items, please see the NOTE at the end of this session for a alternative way of doing this session.)
PREPARATION: Put a mirror in the bottom of the bag so that when your child looks down into the bag, they will see their own reflection.
TELL your child that you have God’s most special creation in the bag.
Ask them to guess what they think that it is. After letting them guess, tell them to come and take a look at God’s most special creation. Open the bag so that when your child looks in, they see a reflection of themselves.
SAY: You are God’s most special creation. He made you just the way He wanted you and He loves you so much. God has great plans for your life.
 Read Psalm 139:13-14 from your Bible.
NOTE: If you don’t have the items you need…use this option instead: Blindfold your child and tell them that you are going to take them to see God’s most special creation. Then guide them throughout the house, turn them around, but finally end up with them in front of the mirror. Step out of the reflection, tell them to look straight forward and to remove the blindfold to see God’ most special creation.
Prayer Requests: