Dear Church Family,

The Church is a living organism. It is a body of baptized, saved believers. It is not the building.  We are not dependent on being at one location. We are the church at all times and everywhere we go.

The President, the CDC, the Governor, the Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Convention have all requested that we limit meetings to no more than 10 people.  Paul wrote in Romans 13: 1 ‘Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.’  We the staff have made a decision that we are in agreement with the request from our governing powers. 

We are monitoring the situation every day. Things are changing on a daily basis.  We have already cancelled Wednesday night activities (including Family Night Supper) for March 18 and 25th.  Sunday Services have been cancelled for March 22nd and 29th.  Men Sharpening Men has been cancelled for March 18th and 25th. After consulting with Rena Bowden, the Ladies Bible Study will be cancelled Tuesday March 17th and Thursday March 19th .

The Easter Presentation and all rehearsals have been postponed for now. 

Our Tuesday Prayer time at 6pm is still on because we have had less than 10 the last few weeks.  If more show up, we will send one group on a prayer walk.

We have decided to go ahead with Food Distribution on Thursday March 19th. It is an outside activity. If you have any cold or fever, do not come. We will take every precaution necessary to keep workers safe. 

We are asking your cooperation in this policy if you have meetings that are scheduled for the church.  Classical Conversations will not meet on the next Monday the 23rd (they follow the school schedule).

We are going to video tape the sermon on Thursday afternoon.  None of us are computer experts at editing.  Please don’t expect that the quality will be that of Charles Stanley’s program or David Jeremiah’s.  We will do our best.  This will be edited. The video will be available to watch on our website by Sunday morning 9am.  We will also have a link to it on Facebook.  If you do not have internet or Facebook, call the church office and we will make you a DVD copy of the message for you to pick up.

We recommend that you have a time to watch the worship service with your family.  You might consider inviting a healthy family that has no fever to watch with you.  Keep it under 10 people.  Some small groups may want to get together and watch and discuss the worship service.

For a long time, we have been stressing small groups.  We need each other.  A prime small group is no more than 10 people.  Gather and discuss.

This is a time for our church to be the church in our community.  If you are a senior adult and you have needs, please call us.  Our deacons, our staff, and some of our college students are available to pick up some groceries or your medicines for you.

Church, look around for some people who will be hurt financially because of this crisis.  Take the attitude that you are going to do for one what you would love to do for all.  I just called David Roberts of Chic-fi-la and asked if any of his part time employees would need help during this time.  He told me that they were ok for now but would call if the need arises.  What about that small business that has had to lay off people?  Just be sensitive and alert to the needs.

We are asking Sheilah to provide a weekly lesson online to use with our Preschool.  Luci West will provide a weekly online Sunday School lesson for our Children.  Lea Allen will provide a weekly Sunday School lesson for Club 56 and students. 

There are no practices, no games, no recitals.  This is an excellent time to do devotions with your kids.  RightNow Media has tons of videos that are free to you. Paul will be putting devotions on Facebook DBC Kids page. Clint will be providing students with devotions.

Remember this…even though we are not meeting, the financial needs continue.  We need to maintain our level giving during this crisis.  God is going to take care of you and the church.  Many of you already give online. Thank you and keep it up.  If you want to start, go to and click on the online giving button.  If you prefer not to give online, please send your regular offering to Dudley Baptist Church at 1425 Second Street Dudley, Georgia 31022.

Rest in the Lord. Take His peace. God will bring us through this.  Look at this as an adjustment in our focus! God is still on the throne! 

For updates on the virus, click here  .

I love you,

Pastor Billy